The uniqueness of our designs comes from our staff’s broad engineering background. Force Engineering & Testing looks at the owner’s needs and use the system or systems that will provide the most economical methods of construction to save precious time and money. We are not afraid to design hybrid structures that incorporate more than one system due to the type and mixed usage of the owner’s space. We also look at where the building will be constructed and adapt our building designs to the “means and methods” of the specific region. We are very conscious of fabrication practices due to our extensive relationships with the metal building industry to ensure we are designing “cost effective” framing systems that will save production time as well as ease of erection.

We look at the whole building system to ensure that the roofing, facade, and support structure are fully integrated into our designs. We do not “pawn” off those responsibilities to other specialties when we know that they will affect the overall pricing on the front end when general contractors can not afford to hire outside engineers to “design” these high dollar systems during the competitive bidding process.


  • Class A Structural and Metal Building Systems
  • Light Gage Framing Systems
  • Conventional Slab Designs
  • Reinforced Concrete Masonry Systems
  • Specialty Design:
  • Light Gage Truss Systems
  • Light Gage Stud Wall Systems
  • Standing Seam Roofing Systems
  • Roof Hugger ® Systems
  • Aluminum Composite Wall Panels
  • Foam Panel Roof and Wall Systems
  • Zinc and Copper Cladding Systems
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Aluminum Walkway Canopies
  • Rain Screen Wall and Louver Assemblies
  • Explosion Release Panel Design


  • Florida Product Approval
  • Dade County Product Approval
  • Factory Mutual Approval
  • Underwriters Laboratory Certification
  • Texas Windstorm Product Approval
  • Design of Metal Roof Panel Clips
  • Design of Wall Cladding Systems
  • Metal Roofing Design Consultant
  • Development of Light Gage Stud, Roof and Wall Load Tables

Force Engineering & Testing has achieved a variety of certifications and memberships to help us in a myriad of industries including:


  • State of Florida Approved Evaluator
  • State of Florida Approved Validator
  • FBC Organization Number TST5328
  • Miami Dade County Certified Test Lab
  • TDI Approved Test Lab

Professional Memberships

  • Light Gage Structural Engineers Association
  • American Institute of Steel Construction